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I have put bios of trunks,cell,buu,piccolo, frieza and Brolly.


Son of Vegeta and Bulma, Trunks is best friends with Goku's second child, Goten. Trunks is a little stronger than the younger Goten. He too was easily able to transform to a ssj, which suprised and angered Vegeta a little, as it did Gohan with Goten. Determined to avenge his father's death, Trunks attempts to master the fusion technique and defeat buu. In DBGT, Trunks neglects training and work because he sees them as too boring. However, when the black star dragon ball are sought after, he unwillingly joins in Goku in the search.

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide


Piccolo was Goku's archenemey until the Saiyan Radditz appeared on Earth. The offspring of the original Piccolo Daimoa, Piccolo teamed up with Goku to over come Radditz's power. After killing Radditz and goku, Piccolo took Goku's son, Gohan, to train him for the arrival of the other Saiyans. Gohan's innocence transformed Piccolo from a demon to a noble warrior. After Cell arrives, Piccolo again teamed with Kame and became the strongest fighter. In DBGT, he dicides to die- because he loves his home so much- when the Earth explodes. But when Goku was trapped in hell during the Super 17 saga, Piccolo asked lord Enma to be sent to hell to help He spent the rest of eternity in hell.



Frieza is one of the most important, if not the most important, villians in DBZ. He destroys practically all of the Saiyan race, their home planet, and many others. He hoes to the planet Namek in search of the dragonballs after hearing Radditz's message in the beginning of the series. He has multiple forms, used to keep his true power hidden. The first is short and has a tough-guy appearance. The second is much taller and looks kind of like his father. The third form looks like the queen in the movie Aliens. His fourth and final form is short and much better for fighting. After being defeated by Goku, he is rebuilt by his father and travels to Earth, only to be killed by future Trunks. He is killed again in movie 12, this time by the saiyaman Gohan.


Majin Buu

Majin Buu is the final and most powerful villian in DBZ. He is a demon created from magic by Bibi-dee. Buu was sealed away by Bibi-dee due to how uncontrollable he was. In the final chapter of DBZ, Babi-dee and Dabura gather enough energy to resurrect him. Buu was responsible for the death of almost every Earthling, and destroys the Earth itself. During the Buu saga, he undergoes six transformations that occurred for reasons such as abosorbtion and removal of good and evil from within. Untrusting, the entire Earth didn't help until Mr.Satan(the annoying fat dude in the cell games)screamed for them to. Thinking that it was Mr. Satan fighting Buu, the whole Earth donated their energy, creating a huge spirit bomb. With it, Goku finally killed Buu

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide


Dr. Gero's master creation, Cell is supposed to be the perfect fighter, created from the cells of the universe's greatest fighters. The project takes too long to be completed during Dr. Gero's lifetime, but the doctor's computer completes the project on its own. Cell is Dr. Gero's 21st Android. In short, he is Android 21. In the future, he kills Future Trunks and takes his time machine, returning to when trunks first arrived. His first form is reptillian like, while his second form is more human but retains some of the lizard like qualities. Upon reaching perfection, Cell looks much more human. He is eventually kill by SSJ2 Gohan.



The legendary Super Saiyan, Brolly was born with a power level of 10,000. His hatred for Goku dates back to his childhood, when Goku made him cry. Brolly makes three movie appearances in 8,10 and 11.