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Here I have put attacks and special attacks (like the KAMEHAMEHA wave is an attack) also I have put who is able to do the attack.

1. Eye Beam-A quick blast shot from the pupils that is very destructive. Artificial Human 20 used it to destroy most of an island.
Who can perform it:Artificial Humans 19 and 20

2. Akumaito Kousen-An attack used to find the evil in a person's heart, then make the person explode. If there is no evil in the victim's heart, then the attack is useless.
Who can perform it:Akuman

3. Amenbono Jyutsu-A ninja technique used to walk on water with special foot pads.
Who can perform it:Murasaki

4. Ayatsuri no Majyutsu -Babidi's magic skills that allow him to control anyone with evil in their heart.
Who can perform it:Babidi

5. Arale Kick -A flying kick Arale chan used to beat up Blue Shogun.
Who can perform it:Arale chan

5. Iai Zari-A quick skillfull slice with a katana blade.
Who can perform it:Yajirobe

6. Isa o Hasahusa Tobatsu -Not sure what this is. It's a move performed by Freeza only in the anime, not in the manga.
Who can perform it:Freeza

7. Ikoukan o Hatsusei- A defensive maneuver that opens a small portal in front of the user which can absorb small energy balls.
Who can perform it:Janenba

8. Ijigen Koukan- An attack used by Super Buu in the anime only. I'm not sure what it is.
Who can perform it:Super Buu

9. Wild Boar Attack- An attack performed by Gotenks where he charges the opponent like a wild boar, then head butts the victim.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

10. Iroke Kougeki "Sexiness Attack"- An attack in which the attractive assailant removes most of their clothes in order to stun their opponent.
Who can perform it:Ranfan

11. Irome-An "attack" performed by Buruma where she flaunts her butt at the opponent to try and tempt them into letting her go free.
Who can perform it:Buruma

12. Udebunri Kougeki- An attack performed by Buu where he rips off his arm and uses it as an aerial weapon.
Who can perform it:Little Buu

13. Usana-Magical powers which Uranai Baba uses to see the future in her crystal ball.
Who can perform it:Uranai Baba

14. Ultra Missile Punch-One of Gotenks' goofy and mostly useless attacks.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

15. Ekishyou Ka-A very gruesome attack used by Majin Buu where he liquifies and shoots himself down an opponent's throat. He then expands his body inside the victim causing them to explode messily.
Who can perform it:Super Buu

16. S.S. Deadly Bomb- A semi-large energy ball strong enough to destroy the Earth. It is used in the movies only.
Who can perform it:Artificial Human 13

17. Energy Absorption-An attack used by Artificial Humans in which they grab either their opponent's mouth, or energy attack, (Like the Kame Hame Ha). They then use the red balls on their palms to absorb their opponent's energy.
Who can perform it:Artificial Humans 19 and 20

18. Energy Shyutou- An attack where the user forms their energy into a sword around their hand. This attack is only used in the movies.
Who can perform it:Sauza

19. Energy Dan-The attack used by Gohan where he formed a ball of energy around him and sent Garlic Jr. into the Dead Zone. Used only in the movies.
Who can perform it:Son Gohan

20. Energy Blast-An attack used by Artificial Human 20. He shoots energy out of the red ball in the palm of his hand.
Who can perform it:Artificial Human 20

21. Energy Gun-An attack used by Janenba. He shoots energy balls out of holes in his chest like a machine gun.
Who can perform it:Janenba

22. Oozaru-The ability of a Saiya-jin to transform into a giant ape-like creature when they absorb 17,000,000 Brute Waves. While in this state, a Saiya-jin power is increased ten times their normal power.
Who can perform it:Any Saiya-jin with a tail.

23. Kaiouken-An attack mastered only by Son Gokou. It increases his power and speed as well as his senses. It can also be upgraded several times. In the fight against Vegita, he was able to raise it to Kaiouken 4x. In the fight against Freeza he was able to raise it to Kaiouken 20x. The downside to this attack is that it is unstable and can kill the user if they remain in the state for too long. This attack is obsolete after Gokou becomes a Super Saiya-jin.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

24. Kai Kai-The ability to teleport from planet to planet. Unlike Gokou's teleportation, the user does not need to lock onto any specific ki energy.
Who can perform it:Kibito and Kaioushin

25. Kaiten Kougeki "Revolving Attack"-One of the many, "one-timer", attacks used during the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. The user spins around furiously and can't be touched. The downside is, when the user stops revolving, they're incredibly dizzy and pass out.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

26. Kaifuku no Jyustsu "Healing Technique"-Fat Buu's ability to completely heal people who are near death with his forelock.
Who can perform it:Fat Buu

27. Kaifuku Power "Healing Power"-The ability to completely heal people near death with hands.
Who can perform it:Kibito and Dende

28. Kaen Houshya-A blast of fire shot from a mechanical cannon.
Who can perform it:Pilaf Robot 3

29. Kakuremi no Jyustu-A ninja technique in which the user hides under a fake rock.
Who can perform it:Murasaki

30. Kaata Nage "Cutter Throw"-An attack Chi-chi used when she was little. As a child, she wore a helmet with a blade on top. She could throw the blade at any object she wanted. She beheaded a dinosaur with this attack.
Who can perform it:Chi-chi

31. Gatai Kousen-Gokou and Piccolo's double assault on Garlic Junior. Used only in the movie.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou and Piccolo

32. Kanashibari no Jyutsu-A technique used to completely stop a person from moving using psychic powers. The only downside is, if the user gets distracted, they can't keep control of the victim.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun, Blue Shogun, Chaozu, Gurudo and Kaioushin

33. Kamino Bashi Waza-Some sort of technique used by one of Garlic Junior's henchmen. I'm not sure what it is.
Who can perform it:Cashew

34. Kame Kame Ha-Goten's version of the Kame Hame Ha. It's the same exact thing, he just messed up the name since he's only a little kid.
Who can perform it:Son Goten

35. Kame Hame Ha "Turtle Destruction Blast"-Dragon Ball's signature attack. The user gathers energy between the palms of their hands and then releases it. The technique was invented by Kame Sennin, and it took him 50 years to perfect it. It was performed by Gokou after only having seen the move done once. The name Kame Hame Ha was thought up by Akira Toriyama's wife. In an interview, Akira said, "I told my wife I just couldn't think of a name for the attack. Then she said", "How about Kame Hame Ha?".
Who can perform it:Son Gokou, Muten Roshi, Grandpa Gohan, Jackie Chun, Kuririn, Yamucha, Son Gohan, Cell, Tenshinhan, Majin Buu.

36. Ashi kara Kame Hame Ha "From the Feet Kame Hame Ha"-A technique used by Gokou during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai to propel himself at Piccolo. He needed his hands free, so he fired the blast from his feet.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

37. Kame Hame Ha Gaeshi-Gokou's ability to use a Kame Hame Ha, to counter another Kame Hame Ha. This was used to block Jackie Chun's Kame Hame Ha at the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

38. Hana Gaeshi Kame Ha-Tenshinhan's ability to block a Kame Hame Ha by putting his hands together in front of his chest.
Who can perform it:Tenshinhan

39. Kame Hame Ha Max Power-Jackie Chun's strongest Kame Hame Ha that he used to blow up the moon.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun

40. Shunkan Idou Kame Hame Ha "Teleportation Kame Hame Ha"-An ingenious conjunction of two moves formulated by Gokou. He stands in front of the opponent, gathers the energy for the Kame Hame Ha, then teleports behind them and fires the blast.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

41. Chou Kame Hame Ha "Ultimate Kame Hame Ha"-A very powerful Kame Hame Ha used against Piccolo in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

42. Waiting Kame Hame Ha-A type of Kame Hame Ha where Gokou waits for his opponent to attack him, then lets the blast loose. He only uses it once against Freeza.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

43. Magaru Kame Hame Ha "Turn Around Kame Hame Ha"-A type of Kame Hame Ha that seems to miss the opponent, but then turns around and hits them in the back.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

44. Renzokou Kame Hame Ha "Continuous Kame Hame Ha"-A training technique Gokou uses only once while training in the Capsule Corp. Gravity Ship. He fires several Kame Hame Ha's which circle towards him and then he tries to block them.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

45. Kasada o Fuku Ramatsu-A technique used only in the anime during the Annoyoichi Budoukai. The user blows their body up to tremendous proportions to push their opponent out of the ring.
Who can perform it:Frog

46. Ki Ai-An attack that shoots a wave of ki at an opponent when the user screams.
Who can perform it:Uub

47. Ki Aigan-An attack that shoots a wave of ki at an opponent by looking at them.
Who can perform it:Kaioushin and Fat Buu

48. Ki Akeshi-A technique used to block small energy attacks by screaming.
Who can perform it:Tenshinhan and Gokou

49. Ki Ai Hou-A technique used to push back an opponent by shooting ki at them with a hand.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou, Cell and Freeza

50. Kienzan-A swirling disc of energy that looks and sounds like a buzz saw. It can cut through ALMOST anything.
Who can perform it:Kuririn and Cell

51. Tsuibi Kienzan-Similar to the Kienzan in appearance, but much more deadly since it follows its target through anything until it hits it.
Who can perform it:Freeza

52. Renzokou Kienzan-Multiple Kienzan's fired all at once.
Who can perform it:Kuririn

53. Kikou Ha-Standard energy wave blasts. They aren't particularly strong and are just used as defensive moves or as distractions
Who can perform it:Son Gokou, Son Gohan, Vegita, Trunks, Artificial Human 17, Artificial Human 18, Piccolo, Kuririn, Raditzu, Ginyu, Cell, Majin Buu and many others.

54. Kakusan Kikou Ha-A very slow-moving ball of energy that can break into several parts and hits numerous targets.
Who can perform it:Kuririn

55. Kakusan Yuudou Kikou Ha-This is one of Piccolo's coolest attacks. He sends hundreds of energy balls into the air and surrounds his opponent with them. The energy balls hang in mid-air for a second, and then he lets fly. He forces all of the energy balls to converge on his victim at once causing a large explosion.
Who can perform it:Piccolo

56. Kochi kara Kikou Ha-A blast energy shot from the mouth.
Who can perform it:Piccolo Daimaou, Piccolo, Son Gokou (Oozaru), Gotenks, Son Gohan (Oozaru) and Fat Buu

57. Koukyuu Gata Kikou Ha-A very powerful blast of energy in the form of a ball.
Who can perform it:Fat Buu

58. Double Kikou Ha-A double blast of energy from both of the assailant's hands.
Who can perform it:Raditzu

59. Tsuibi Kikou Ha-A blast of energy that follows the user's opponent wherever they go.
Who can perform it:Piccolo and Kuririn

60. Yubisaki kara no Kikou Ha-A single blast of energy shot from the fingertips.
Who can perform it:Cell, Kami, Piccolo Daimaou, Piccolo, Freeza, Vegita, Muuri, Artificial Human 18 and many others.

61. Yubisaki kara Renzokou Kikou Ha-Continuous blasts of energy shot from the fingertips.
Who can perform it:Freeza and Cell

62. Renzokou Kikou Ha-Continuous blasts of ki shot from the hands.
Who can perform it:Kiwi, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Cell, Dodoria, Vegita, Piccolo, Vegitto, Majin Buu and Reekuumu

63. Kikouhou-Tenshinhan's signature attack. He targets his opponent in a triangle formed by his hands. He then shoots a fantastically powerful energy blast at his opponent. This attack is very dangerous though. It uses an enormous amount of ki and could easily kill him if he over-used it.
Who can perform it:Tenshinhan

64. Shin Kikouhou "New Kikouhou"-Basically the same as above, but even more powerful.
Who can perform it:Tenshinhan

65. Giji Super Saiya-jin "False Super Saiya-jin"-Used only in the movies, this was a state of power Gokou reached which was not exactly Super Saiya-jin, nor was it normal. Think of it as half and half.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

66. Kizuato no Chiyu-I have NO idea what this is. All I know is that it's only in the anime and that it's performed by Piccolo.
Who can perform it:Piccolo

67. Ki no Jyouto-Another move performed only in the movies. This is when all of the Z-Soldiers give their energy to Gokou so that he can defeat Brolly.
Who can perform it:Piccolo, Son Gohan, Trunks and Vegita

68. Ki no Tsurugi "Sword of Ki"-An attack used by Vegitto to attack Super Buu. He literally forms a long sword composed of ki and then impales Buu
Who can perform it:Vegitto

69. Ki Barrier-The user forms an impenetrable barrier of ki around them. This was only used in the movies.
Who can perform it:Brolly

70. Galactica Donut-One of Gotenks' goofy attacks that fail to destroy Super Buu. He forms a ring of energy that looks similar to a donut. He then snares his opponent in the "donut" and squeezes it tight. The attack is supposed to make the enemy immobile, but Buu busts out of it with no trouble.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

71. Gyariku Hou "Garlic Gun"-Vegita's answer to the Kame Hame Ha. It's similar in appearance to the Kame Hame Ha, and the energy for the attack is even gathered in a similar fashion.
Who can perform it:Vegita

72. Kyuketsu-A move where the assailant sucks the blood out of his opponent.
Who can perform it:Dracula Man

73. Kyuushyuu "Absorb"-An attack where the opponent is literally absorbed right into the enemy. Cell absorbs people through his tail, and Super Buu can absorb anyone with any part of his body.
Who can perform it:Cell and Super Buu

74. Kyou Ken "Mad Dog Attack"-Gokou acts like a wild dog and attacks his opponent on all fours.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

75. Kyodaika-A power-up where the body of the user becomes huge and muscular.
Who can perform it:Garlic Jr., Cashew and Vinegar

76. Kuukanteni Punch and Kick-An odd move where the user stays in one place and can throw various punches and kicks into portals. A portal will then open up behind the opponent and the punch or kick will go right through. Used only in the movies.
Who can perform it:Janenba

77. Kuuchyu Teishi-A move used by Gokou. When an opponent punches him, he disappears and appears directly above them ready to attack.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

78. Kutsuguri Kobaki-A cheap attack used by Kiyatapii the caterpillar in the anime only. He grabs the opponent and then tickles the opponent until he or she forfeits the match.
Who can perform it:Kiyatapii

79. Kuchi kara no Kaen "Mouth Fire Blast-It is what it sounds like. It's used only in the movies.
Who can perform it:Hildegarn

80. Kuchibue "Whistling"-Believe it or not, whistling is an attack. It affects Nameckians only. To them, whistling is like nails-on-chalkboard is to humans. Used only in the movies.
Who can perform it:Son Gohan

81. Crusher Ball-Jiisu's signature attack. It's a ball of energy gathered in one hand, then flung at the opponent. It's not very powerful.
Who can perform it:Jiisu

82. Guru Guru Gamu-A sticky gummy substance that's shot at an opponent and holds them in place.
Who can perform it:Giran

83. Great Kick Special-One of Gotenks' pointless attacks. It's nothing special, but it's funny to watch in conjunction with his other six, or so, attacks.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

84. Ketaihenka-Cell's ability to change when he absorbs Artificial Humans 17 and 18.
Who can perform it:Cell

85. Gekitotsu Ultra Buu Buu Volley Ball-Yet another of Gotenks' attacks. He encloses Buu in a ball of Speed Knots, then plays Volley Ball with him. Even Piccolo joins in.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

86. Genki Dama "Energy Ball"-A very powerful attack that Gokou uses only when he absolutely has to. Gokou gathers energy from his surroundings and forms a POWERFUL ball of energy. The downside of this attack is that it takes a long time for Gokou to gather the necessary energy for the attack to be useful. While the Genki Dama he created to beat Vegita was only about 2 feet wide, the Genki Dama he created on Nameck was 50 meters wide.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

87. Chou Genki Dama "Ultimate Energy Ball"-The same as above but even bigger and filled to the brim with incredible power. On Kaioushin Kai he needed to absorb almost all of the energy from each person living on Earth.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

88. Kougeki Hane Kaeshi-An attack Buyon used to bounce Gokou's Kame Hame Ha back to him with his rubbery stomach.
Who can perform it:Buyon

89. Koshyuu Kougeki-The user breathes bad breath on their opponent stunning them.
Who can perform it:Bacterian

90. Kousengan-The attacker shoots energy at the victim from their eyes.
Who can perform it:Piccolo Daimaou, Piccolo, Tenshinhan and Freeza

91. Kousokuidou-A battle tactic used by Gokou where he jumps around at a furious rate causing loud booming sounds. He can be heard but not seen. He used this in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai against Kuririn.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

92. Kokan kara no Gekishyuu Kougeki "Sweat from the Crotch Attack"-Probably the most disgusting attack ever. The attacker reaches into their underwear, swishes their hand around, then brings out their finger and brings it up to the opponent's face to stun them.
Who can perform it:Bacterian

93. Kokoro o Yomu-The ability to psychically sense the past of someone.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun, Karin, Saichourou and Son Gokou

94. Saikou Waza "Ultimate Skill"-Nappa's best move. A blast of energy fired from his mouth.
Who can perform it:Nappa

95. Psychokenesis-The ability to psychically teleport objects and manipulate them.
Who can perform it:Ginyu, Gurudo, Cell, Freeza, Blue Shogun, Chaozu and Majin Buu

96. Saishyuu Saigo no Waza "Ultimate Final Skill"-Vegita's most devastating attack, (in all definitions of the word.). It is a suicidal attack that uses Vegita's own life as the source of the energy for the attack. The explosion from the attack is over a kilometer wide. When the attack is finished all that's left of Vegita is stone.
Who can perform it:Vegita

97. Saisei "Regeneration"-The ability to grow back a part of the body that's been disabled or damaged. Nameckians can only regenerate if their head is intact. Cell can only regenerate if he has either a cell left, or the central nerve in his brain. Majin Buu can regenerate from if even only the littlest dust particle is left of him.
Who can perform it:Piccolo, Nail, Cell and Majin Buu

98. Saimin Jyutsu-A hypnosis trick performed by Jackie Chun on the Man Wolf. He makes Man Wolf think that Kuririn's bald head is the moon and turns the Man Wolf into a man for good.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun

99. Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch-By far one of the greatest attacks in the history of Dragon Ball, the Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch is an attack that Satan made up in his head in about 5 seconds. It's nothing more than a normal punch with a special name. About a minute after he performs the move, reporters ask him what it was called. He can't even remember.
Who can perform it:Mr. Satan

100. Satsu Shin Punch-Much like the above move, this is just a big name for a typical punch that's incredibly weak.
Who can perform it:Ikose

101. Saru Ken "Monkey Technique"-One of Gokou's "one-timer" moves used only during the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. To confuse his opponent, Gokou jumps around the ring and acts like a monkey
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

102. Sawa Yakanaze-The user swings their arm and creates a huge gust of wind that blows their opponent away.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun

103. Zanzouken-A popular move used throughout Dragon Ball where a person moves so fast, they leave an after-image of themselves.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun, Gokou, Kuririn and Piccolo

104. Ni Jyuu Zanzouken-The same as above, but instead of one, two after-images are left behind, letting the assailant attack from behind.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun

105. San Jyuu Zanzouken-The same as above, but instead of just two, three after images are left behind.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

106. Tajyuu Zanzouken -Instead of just two or three after-images, multiple after images are left behind.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun and Son Gokou

107. Zanzou Majyutsu-Same as the above, but instead of speed, the after-image is created by magic.
Who can perform it:Darbura

108. Thunder Flash-One of Pikehan's techniques that he uses during the Annoyoichi Budoukai. I have yet to see what it looks like.
Who can perform it:Pikehan

109. Shield-A defensive move Gohan uses to protect Piccolo, Kuririn and himself from being sucked into Garlic Jr.'s Dead Zone.
Who can perform it:Son Gohan

110. Jigen ni Ana o Akeru-Not really an attack, but more of a technique, the user screams INCREDIBLY loud and creates a tear between the dimension of Earth and The Room of Spirit and Time. This is used by Gotenks and Buu to escape the Room of Spirit and Time after Piccolo destroys the exit.
Who can perform it:Super Buu and Gotenks

111. Shi Shin no Ken "12 Eyes"-One of Tenshinhan's famous attacks. He concentrates and makes three duplicates of himself. While each duplicate is a separate entity and can think on its own, Tenshinhan's power is divided between the duplicates and himself.
Who can perform it:Tenshinhan

112. Shitatsuki-A deadly move performed by Tao Pai Pai. He kills his opponent by punching them with only his tongue.
Who can perform it:Tao Pai Pai

113. Shipo Kougeki "Tail Attack"-Nothing incredibly amazing, it is what it sounds like. Just the ability of a character who has a tail it use it as a weapon.
Who can perform it:Giran, Cell, Gokou, Raditzu, Buyon and Freeza

114. Shipo o Kaiten Sasete Sora o Tobu-Gokou's ability to use his tail like a helicopter blade and hover over the ground. He uses this during the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

115. Jidashyuu Fuku Noriyoku-Metal Koola's ability to repair himself if he's damaged. This only used in the movies.
Who can perform it:Metal Koola

116. Jibaku-A powerful suicide explosion. In Artificial Human 16's case, the explosion is caused by an internal bomb, not energy.
Who can perform it:Saibaimen, Chaozu, Cell and Artificial Human 16 *In the movies only, Kami could do it*

117. Jan-Ken -The first move Gokou ever performed was Jan Ken. It's also one of the most intricate moves. It is based on the game "Paper Scissors Rock". The attack has three possible outcomes. If Gokou shouts, "Jan-Ken-Gu", the attack will correspond with "rock" and be a strong closed fist punch. If Gokou shouts, "Jan-Ken-Chyoki", the attack will correspond with "scissors" and be a poke between the eyes with two fingers. And finally, if Gokou shouts, "Jan-Ken-Pa", the attack will correspond with "paper" and be an open-handed slap. It eventually becomes obsolete.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

118. Shunkan Idou "Instantaneous Movement"-Probably one of the most useful moves in DBZ ever. This technique allows the user to instantly teleport to anywhere in the universe. However, it is somewhat limited since they need to lock onto the ki of someone or something in order to teleport to the specific place.
Who can perform it:Gokou and Cell

119. Anoyo kara no Shunkan Idou-Gokou's ability to teleport instantly from the after-life to Earth, even when he's dead. This is used only in the movies.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

120. Shyougekizan-Cell's ability to manipulate huge pieces of material in mid-air using energy.
Who can perform it:Cell

121. Shyougeki Ha-Character's ability to cause long distance explosions by raising their fingertips.
Who can perform it:Nappa, Piccolo Daimaou, Piccolo and Cell

121. Kobushi no Shyougeki Ha-The same as above, but done with a fist.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

122. Zenshin kara no Shyougeki Ha-Same as above, but the user's arms and legs are spread out and the explosion extends in all directions. It's fairly powerful.
Who can perform it:Vegita and Fat Buu

123. Yubisaki kara no Shyougeki Ha-Same as above except it's performed by pointing at the desired point of explosion. It's not very powerful, but it's a VERY fast attack and can cause damage if the victim isn't expecting it. Freeza uses this on Piccolo and brings him near death.
Who can perform it:Freeza

124. Shyouken-An attack used by Tenshinhan where he grows two extra arms. He increases his attacking and blocking power with this technique.
Who can perform it:Tenshinhan

125. Jin Rui Zetsu Mestu Kougeki "Special Human Genocide Attack"-This attack may be a mouthful, but it's rightfully named. This is probably the most devastating attack ever performed in Dragon Ball Z. It can only be done by Super Buu. He locks onto every single human's ki, then releases a furious barrage of energy blasts into the sky. They plummet to the ground and each and every blast hits one target, a person. Every single person on Earth is killed with this attack, except for Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Mr. Satan and the people on Kami's Tower.
Who can perform it:Super Buu

126. Tsui Ken "Drunken Fist"-Are there any Jackie Chan fans out there? If so you should know this attack. Based on a character from Chinese mythology, Wong Fei Hung, this is a ridiculously stupid looking fighting technique, but it's highly effective. The user acts as if they were drunk and stumbles around, but they are actually executing a brilliant series of moves that if pulled off correctly, can be extremely effective against any opponent. Since Akira Toriyama admits to being inspired by Jackie Chan for creating several fighting scenes, it's no doubt that Toriyama based this on Jackie's role in the movie, Drunken Master.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun

127. Tsui Ton no Jyutsu-A ninja technique with which the user can breathe underwater with the aid of a pond reed. (How Gokou counters this move and the reaction it gets is hysterical.).
Who can perform it:Murasaki

128. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack-Gotenks' first successful attack used on Super Buu. Gotenks spits out a white blob which turns into a floating ghost of him. The ghost has its own personality and is semi-cocky. When the ghost is touched or jarred even lightly, it will explode. Buu finds this out the hard way.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

129. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack 10 Ghosts in One Shot-The same as above, but as the name infers, Gotenks spits out 10 ghosts at once. The scene with the ghosts doing their own things is a laugh riot and shouldn't be missed.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

130. Super Saiya-jin-Probably the most popular form of battle in Dragon Ball Z from the defeat of Freeza to the end. This is something only Saiya-jin or human/Saiya-jin hybrids can accomplish (example: Gohan, Goten and Trunks). When a Saiya-jin is in the Super Saiya-jin state, their hair turns a blond color, their eyes turn turquoise and they are usually surrounded by a yellow ki. The state of Super Saiya-jin is attained by accomplished by attaining several requirements. The Saiya-jin must have a quiet, pure and calm heart. The Saiya-jin must also have a certain amount of power. Vegita knew Gokou would be able to attain Super Saiya-jin when he demonstrated his skills against the Ginyu Tokusentai at a power level of 90,000. The final requirement is extreme rage and lust for battle. This is why it was so difficult for Gokou to attain SSJ, because he's not normally an angry person. Once in the SSJ state, the Saiya-jin's heart is filled with anger. Because of this, Gokou cannot form a Genki Dama when he's in the SSJ state since he needs to have a pure heart to do so. An interesting fact is that the SSJ we normally see, (the blond hair etc.), is actually a weird transformation. The true Legendary Super Saiya-jin who existed 1,000 years before Dragon Ball Z did not change in that fashion. He became a golden Oozaru. The reason Gokou and the rest change differently is because their tales are removed.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Vegita, Trunks *Future and present*, Gotenks and Vegitto *In the movies only, Brolly was the Legendary SSJ*

131. Super Saiya-jin Dai 2 Dankai "Ultimate Super Saiya-jin Stage 2"-The Ultimate SSJ state is used briefly in DBZ right before the Cell Game. This state of SSJ increases the Saiya-jin's power, but not by much. The state itself looks pretty cool though because the Saiya-jin's body becomes totally pumped up.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou, Trunks and Vegita

132. Super Saiya-jin Dai 3 Dankain "Ultimate Super Saiya-jin Stage 3"-This stage looks REALLY cool, unfortunately it's only used in battle once. The Saiya-jin's body becomes HUGE and muscular. The picture of Trunks in this state in the manga is really cool because his entire body fills the picture. The Saiya-jin's power is increased by a huge amount during while in this state, however because of the muscular pump-up, the Saiya-jin is very slow moving and can leave openings for attacks if their opponent is skilled enough to spot them.
Who can perform it:Trunks and Son Gokou

133. Super Saiya-jin 2-Super Saiya-jin 2 AKA "The Super Saiya-jin beyond Super Saiya-jin", was first seen being used by Gohan in the Cell Saga. Although it's arguable as to when he first really reached this level. (Some say in the Room of Spirit and Time, some say during the Cell Game) It's clear that this is the most suitable form of SSJ to be used in battle with strong villains. The Saiya-jin's power is increased immensely and their speed does not suffer at all. And unlike Super Saiya-jin 3, it does not use up the character's energy as quickly.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou, Son Gohan, Vegita and Gotenks

134. Super Saiya-jin 3-The most powerful SSJ attained in DBZ. SSJ is probably my favorite level just because it looks so COOL! The Saiya-jin's hair turns blond and their eyes turn turquoise, but the major change is that the Saiya-jin's hair grows to an incredibly long length and their eyebrows disappear. SSJ3 Gokou may even have been the strongest character in DBZ. Gokou says that if he were to reach Full Power SSJ3 he could defeat Kid Buu. Unfortunately, he never reaches Full Power because being in the SSJ3 state uses up a LOT of energy and Gokou ran out of energy before he could reach Full Power.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou and Gotenks

135. Super Do Don Pa-A large and powerful variation of the famous villain move, Do Don Pa. It is fired from Cyborg Tao Pai Pai's arm cannon.
Who can perform it:Cyborg Tao Pai Pai

136. Tsukashiipe-A disgusting attack where the user farts on the victim to stun them.
Who can perform it:Kuririn and Bacterian

137. Zutsuki-A powerful head-butt to the chest.
Who can perform it:Arale chan

138. Speed Up-A technique used to increase.....speed.
Who can perform it:Reekuumu

139. Seki Katsuba-Probably one of the cheapest attacks in DBZ, Seki Katsuba, is an attack where the assailant spits on the victim, and the victim is turned to stone if the spit touches them. The only way to reverse the stone effect on a characters is by killing the person who spit on them.
Who can perform it:Darbura

140. Setsu Toku-This attack was only performed in the anime, and I have no idea what it is. The name literally translates to, "Theory Profit".
Who can perform it:Goten and others.

141. Cell Junior Umidatsu-Cell's ability to expel from his body, as many duplicates of himself as he like. The Cell Jr's are little Cells who, like the Saibaimen, lack speech and are sadistic. They are exactly like Cell in almost every way, except they are blue instead of green, they have slightly less power than Cell and they cannot regenerate body parts.
Who can perform it:Cell

142. Senzai Nouryoku o Hikidatsu-This is also known as, "Awakening the Sleeping Power". This is a technique used to bring out the true potential power locked up inside a person that even they themselves can't see.
Who can perform it:Saichourou and Rou Kaioushin

143. Souki Dan "Spirit Bomb"-This is the REAL Spirit Bomb. The Souki Dan is Yamucha's signature technique in late Dragon Ball and throughout Dragon Ball Z. The Souki Dan is a basketball sized ball of energy which Yamucha can control the movement of with his fingertips.
Who can perform it:Yamucha

144. Dai Kaiten Kick "Great Revolving Kick"-One of Gotenks' pointless and useless, but funny attacks.
Who can perform it:Normal Gotenks

145. Daichiretsudan "Great Earth Cutting Row"-One of the most impressive attacks demonstrated by Freeza during his fight with Gokou. With a swipe of his hand, he can cut a long deep row in the ground. Luckily we don't get to see what effect the attack would have on Gokou.
Who can perform it:Freeza

146. Tai Naibuki (Kyoudai Na Ken) "Internal Fighting Weapon"-A technique where the user rips a sword out of their body, then uses it to fight with. This is performed in the movies only.
Who can perform it:Nikki

147. Tai Naibuki (2 Hon no Ken) "2 Internal Fighting Weapons"-A technique where the user rips two swords out of their body and uses them to fight. This is performed only in the movies.
Who can perform it:Ginger

148. Time Stop-A cheap attack used only by Gurudo. By holding his breath he can freeze time and run around doing as he pleases. The only stipulation is, he can hold time, as long as he can hold his breath.
Who can perform it:Gurudo

149. Dynamite Kick-This attack is sort of different for the two individuals who perform it. For Mr. Satan, it's just a normal kick with a special name. The other character who uses this attack, (Gotenks), actually kicks the opponent, then lands several yards away, and an explosion goes off where he connected with his kick.
Who can perform it:Mr. Satan and Gotenks

150. Taiyouken "Solar Fist"-Throughout the series, Tenshinhan has invented some really useful attacks, but this is the one attack he created that's used the most by other characters as well. In order for the attack to work, the sun has to be out. The user raises their hands to the sides of their face, and then shout out the name of the attack. The sun's light is then reflected directly into the face of the unfortunate victim, causing them to lose sight for a period of time.
Who can perform it:Tenshinhan, Son Gokou, Kuririn and Cell

151. Taiyou Kousen Hanshya "Solar Attack from Baldness"-A simple but effective attack developed by Kuririn during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. He reflects the sun's rays into his opponent's eyes by angling his shiny head in the right direction.
Who can perform it:Kuririn

152. Dai 4 Henshin "The Great Fourth Transformation"-Koola's ability to raise his ki to a very high level, causing his body to transform into a stage his brother Freeza couldn't reach. This was only used in the movies.
Who can perform it:Koola

153. Tako Ashi Kougeki "Octopus Tentacle Attack"-An attack used by a giant octopus. He grabs Gokou with a tentacle and shakes him around like a can of soda.
Who can perform it:Oodako

154. Tatamigaeshi-A ninja technique which floorboards of a house are lifted up and used as a shield against shurikens.
Who can perform it:Murasaki

155. Double Attack-A fast and furious double team attack on one character.
Who can perform it:Salt and Taado

156. Tamago o Umu-A gifted Nameckian's ability to asexually produce children and "give birth" to them by spitting them out of their mouth.
Who can perform it:Piccolo Daimaou and Saichourou

157. Tan Kougeki "Phlegm Attack-Yet another one of Bacterian's repulsive attacks where he tries to spit on his opponent.
Who can perform it:Bacterian

158. Chikyuu Hokai no Ichigeki "Destruction of Earth in One Attack"-The second most devastating attack ever performed in DBZ. This attack of performed by Kid Buu blows up the Earth in only a matter of seconds.
Who can perform it:Little Buu

159. Chyou Kyoshin Jyutsu-Piccolo's special ability to increase his body size to the height of an apartment complex. His speed does not suffer because of his increased mass. The only reason Piccolo doesn't use the attack anymore is because he had a rather "stomach-turning" experience when he tried using it on Gokou.
Who can perform it:Piccolo

160. Chou Keekai-Not exactly sure what this is but it's only performable by Garlic Jr. and his followers. It's only used in the anime.
Who can perform it:Any member of the Devil race.

161. Chou Jyuunan Body-Not really an attack or anything, it's just the fact that the character's body is so large, they can absorb almost any attack. This is used only in the movies.
Who can perform it:Misokashin

162. Ultimate Speed Dash-A "psyche-out" technique where the user runs around at unbelievable speeds, trying to make their opponent afraid and force them to give up. But if it doesn't work, the user is left completely breathless and they themselves have to forfeit. This was only used in the anime during the Annoyoichi Budoukai.
Who can perform it:Tapika

163. Chou no Ryoku-This is a cheap move performed by the villains in DBZ Movie 9. They can bind a person with invisible strands of energy that are near impossible to break free from.
Who can perform it:Bujin, Bido and Zengya

164. Chou Baku Retsu Ma Ha-During the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai, this was Piccolo's "Trump Card". It was probablly the most powerful attack performed in Dragon Ball and destroyed almost everything on Papaya Island. Piccolo needs to charge up for a long time before carrying out the attack, but when he's ready, he spreads all of his appendages out and lets loose a fantastic growing dome of destruction with him at the center.
Who can perform it:Piccolo

165. Tsu no Beam -A blast of electricity shot from Piccolo's antennae
Who can perform it:Piccolo

166. Dead Zone-Only Garlic Junior can perform this fantastic move. By concentrating, Garlic Jr. can create a black hole that sucks everything in its path inside. On the inside is pure black nothingness. Escape from the Dead Zone was thought to be impossible, but when Garlic Jr's home planet neared the Earth, he was able to gain the power to free himself from it. This move is used only in the movies and anime.
Who can perform it:Garlic Jr.

167. Terepashi "Telepathy"-The ability to communicate others by speaking to them through their mind, (or heart), the ability to sense past events, and the ability to channel character's thoughts to other characters.
Who can perform it:Kaiou Samma, Kami, Saichourou, Son Gokou, Piccolo, Dende and Nail.

168. Tenkuu X Jiken-A powerful aerial assault in which the user slams down on their opponent with their arms crossed in an "X" pattern in front of their chest.
Who can perform it:Namu

169. Chou Tenkuu X Jiken-A much faster and more powerful version of the above move.
Who can perform it:Namu

170. Dengeki "Electric Attack"-A technique used by previous Kami's in which they surround a character and electrocute them. This is used in the anime only.
Who can perform it:Kami's of the past.

171. Dengeki Ha "Electric Blast Attack"-A quick one handed blast of electricity
Who can perform it:Cymbal

172. Den Ryuu-A electrical attack used on Gokou. The Pirate Robot wrapped its tail around Gokou underwater and shocked him with electricity.
Who can perform it:Kaizoku Robot "Pirate Robot"

173. Toujyou Cool Pose-A dumb battle pose mocking Sailor Moon performed by Gohan and Videl before they go into any battle. Used only in the movies and anime.
Who can perform it:Great Saiyaman 1 and Great Saiyaman 2

174. Toomi no Jyutsu-The psychic ability to sense what's going on in a different part of the world or universe. In order to do this, the user normally closes their eyes.
Who can perform it:Kaiou Samma, Kami, Karin, Dende, Piccolo and Rou Kaioushin.

175. Totsugeki! "Charge!"-Goten's second and final special move that he uses on Trunks during the Children's Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He flies high into the air then drops like a rock and charges straight for his opponent below.
Who can perform it:Goten

176. Don Demo Mizu ni Kaeteshimau Non Ryoku-What a mouthful. This is a.....unique...move used in the anime only, during the Annoyoichi Budoukai. The character Aqua, (who can't fight for beans on land), changes the arena into water and uses his fish-like body to move around quickly and pummel his opponent.
Who can perform it:Aqua

177. Do-Don Pa-A popular move used by villains related in some way to the Tsuru Sennin, (Kame Sennin's evil rival) and his brother, Tao Pai Pai. The Do-Don Pa is basically a Kame Hame Ha-like blast, but instead of being shot from the palms, it's fired from the index and pointer finger. It's also thinner than the Kame Hame Ha, but no less deadly.
Who can perform it:Tao Pai Pai, Chaozu and Tenshinhan

178. Touketsuken-A blast of wind that covers whatever it hits in ice. It's used only in the movies.
Who can perform it:Ebifurya

179. Tobidatsu Tsume "Jumping Slash"-Well, it is what it sounds like. Yakon jumps at his opponent, and gives a quick slash with both of his enormous blade-like claws.
Who can perform it:Yakon

180. Nigiri Tsubishi-A simple attack but only characters with big hands can do it. They grab their opponent between their hands and crush them.
Who can perform it:Seargent Metallic and Vegita (Oozaru)

181. Ningen Tatsumaki "Human Tornado"-A move Gokou uses during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai where he turns himself into.....well, the name is self-explanatory. It's not particularly useful and it's only used in the anime.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

182. Ninjinka "Human Carrot"-The ability to turn people into carrots by touching them.
Who can perform it:Toninjinka

183. Ninjinka Kaijyou "Human Carrot Reversal"-The ability to return a person turned into a carrot, back to normal.
Who can perform it:Toninjinka

184. Nendouriki-No clue what this is. It's the name of one of Janenba's MANY attacks. It's used only in the movies.
Who can perform it:Janenba

185. Nobiru Ude "Extending Arm"-Piccolo's ability to extend his arms to almost any length.
Who can perform it:Piccolo

186. Nobiru Shita "Extending Tongue"-The user can extend their tongue and wrap it around someone, disabling them.
Who can perform it:Buyon

187. Purple Comet Crash-A funny and pointless move where Baata and Jiisu combine their powers for one attack. Used in the anime only.
Who can perform it:Baata and Jiisu

188. Purple Comet Z Crash-A powerful spin-off of the previous move. Still useless. Only performed in the anime.
Who can perform it:Jiisu and Baata

189. Hai Syu Ken-A move where Tenshinhan bounces his opponent around like a volleyball. While it sounds goofy, it's very effective.
Who can perform it:Tenshinhan

190. Hyper Tornado-One of Pikehan's techniques that he uses during the Annoyoichi Budoukai. I don't know what it looks like.
Who can perform it:Pikehan

191. Hyper Plasma Shortcake-Yet another one of Gotenks' humorous moves. This attack isn't actually seen, you only hear him yell it.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

192. Bio Ekisyushyu Kyodai Ka-Bio Brolly's ability to absorb matter and make himself grow as he absorbs more and more.
Who can perform it:Bio Brolly

193. Bakuriki Demon Blast-Piccolo Daimaou's most powerful energy blast that he destroys the World Capitol with. He grips his right hand and lets loose an enormous blast of energy.
Who can perform it:Piccolo Daimaou

194. Exploding Demon Cannon-Just another one of Piccolo Daimaou's explosive ki attacks. It's fairly generic.
Who can perform it:Piccolo Daimaou

195. Hashyu Ken "8 Fists"-The user moves their arms up and down very fast making it appear that they have eight arms. The attack itself is fairly useful because it's confusing and the user actually hits the victim eight times in what appears to be one swing.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou and King Chyapa

196. Paparapa-Babidi's magic words that have various effects such as teleportation and making things appear. Think of it as, "Abra Kadabra".
Who can perform it:Babidi

197. Haru no Niku Kougeki "Stretched Flesh Attack"-This attack is more or less what it sounds like. Buu rips off a chunk of his body, then stretches it a bit, and wraps it around Vegita, binding him so tightly, he can't escape.
Who can perform it:Fat Buu

198. Barrier-The character creates an impenetrable barrier of ki around themselves.
Who can perform it:Artificial Human 17, Cell and Vegitto

199. Magic Barrier-A weak barrier created by magic. This type of barrier can be broken through.
Who can perform it:Babidi

200. Balloon Flash Bomb-One of SSJ3 Gotenks stupid attacks. It's only used in the anime.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

201. Haretsu Majyutsu "Exploding Magic"-Babidi's ability to violently exploding anyone he has control over.
Who can perform it:Babidi

202. Power Keisoku-Artificial Human 16's ability to scan power levels. He's the only Artificial Human with this ability.
Who can perform it:Artificial Human 16

203. Power Tackle-Sigh, yet ANOTHER of Gotenks' goofy and time wasting attacks that have no effect on Buu. But like I keep saying, these are really funny to watch in the show because he blurts out about 6 of them at once.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

204. Power Ball-This is the ball of energy that helps a Saiya-jin transform into the Oozaru state. The ball explodes in mid-air and the gasses inside the ball mix with the atmosphere producing a large amount of Brute Waves. The gasses stay together for about 90 minutes, then they diffuse, and the Saiya-jin must use the attack again. Contrary to what American DBZ states, Gokou's father DID NOT develop this attack. Gokou's father was not a scientist, he was a low-class Saiya-jin fighter.
Who can perform it:Vegita *In the movies, Taurus could perform this move*

205. Ban Kokubikuri Shyou-Jackie Chun's most powerful attack. He presses his palms together, charges up, then hits his opponent with a continuous high charged electrical beam. In early Dragon Ball, this was one of the most deadly attacks. It nearly killed Gokou.
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun

206. Hikari Sayu Shyu-The ability to suck in an opponent's ki and eat it. Gokou devises a brillaint way to counter this attack.
Who can perform it:Yakon

207. Hikou "Flight"-This is not flying with ki energy like most characters do, this is the ability to actually fly. You'll notice the Artificial Humans are listed as being able to do this. "Well how can they fly if they don't have wings?". I dunno, however, it's well known that the Artificial Humans do not have ki. So it would be impossible for them to fly using ki.
Who can perform it:Giran, Pteradon, Tamborine, Cymbal, Artificial Human 16, Artificial Human 17 and Artificial Human 18.

208. Big Bang Attack-This is Vegita's first attack he coins as a Super Saiya-jin. He raises his right palm then charges for an instant, and lets a powerful ball of energy shoot out of his palm towards his opponent. What happens when the ball of energy hits the opponent? Well, the name is self-explanatory. Notice that Vegita's attacks are all written in Katakana, not traditional Hiragana or Kanji. Akira Toriyama made Vegita use attacks with English names because he felt they suited his personality, whereas the attacks of a proper well-spoken character such as Piccolo are written only in Kanji and Hiragana. Akira Toriyama revealed this during an interview in one of the Daizenshyu.
Who can perform it:Vegita

209. Hyou ga Senpyu Chyaku-I have no idea what this attack is, but it was only performed in the Dragon Ball anime.
Who can perform it:Tenren

210. Final Flash-This is Vegita's second most powerful attack. The scene in which he charges up for this attack in the anime is REALLY cool. Vegita puts his wrists together directly in front of himself, then charges up for a while, and eventually lets loose a HUGE blast of energy. Once again, this attack is written in Katakana and pronounced in English, (with a bad Japanese accent).
Who can perform it:Vegita

211. Finish Flash-ANOTHER of Gotenks stupid attacks he uses on Buu. I have yet to see what this one looks like.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

212. Fusenka-An emergency move used by Kuririn during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai to keep himself from falling out of bounds. He inhales and fills himself with air, then floats down to the arena like a feather.
Who can perform it:Kuririn

213. Buku Jyutsu "Levitation Technique" AKA "Flying"-The character raises their ki, and literally floats on top of it. As the user becomes more skilled, they can manuever through the air by increasing and decreasing the output and direction of their ki. Any normal human in the Dragon Ball world can actually do this, they just need to be able to find their ki.
Who can perform it:Many many many characters. Any character you see flying that doesn't have wings, or isn't a robot is using this technique.

214. Bushitsu Shyutsu Gen Majyutsu "Magic Materialism"-The ability to make simple objects like clothes, weapons or crystal balls magically materialize.
Who can perform it:Akuman, Kaiousamma, Darbura, Piccolo and Rou Kaioushin

215. Fusion-A technique taught to Gokou by the Metamoru-jin. The move itself combines, or fuses, two different characters into one new character. In order for fusion to work, both characters must be of the same race, and have the same power level, (if one character's power level is higher, they must lower it). If these requirements are met, then the two characters must perform a series of movements that resemble a stupid dance, and end with a kung-fu move in which both character's fingers touch. Both characters must perform the movements at EXACTLY the same time, and say the words, "FuuuuSION! HA!", also in unison. If they do not complete all of this, then the resulting fused character could be disastrous. The two examples shown in DBZ is one very fat fused character, and a very thin and old character. However, if all of the above is executed perfectly in sequence, the resulting character will be a perfect union of both characters and possess a phenomenal new strength. The movements, and thoughts of the fused character are not at all controlled or determined by the personalities or moves that the original characters possessed. The fusion character is completely unique. All fused characters are extremely cocky, and usually taunt their opponent while taking their sweet time playing with them. The downside of this is that Fusion only lasts 30 minutes. After 30 minutes is gone, the fusion character will split back into the two original characters.
Who can perform it:Goten and Trunks *In the movies and DB:GT Gokou and Vegita performed Fusion*

216. Buriiko-A flirtatious move used to stall an opponent.
Who can perform it:Ranfan

217. Brain Crush Hammer-Does it have a stupid name? Yup. So is it another one of Gotenks' goofy attacks? Yup.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

218. Breath-While this may seem like a pretty dumb attack to us, "Watch out, or I'll breath on you!", for Buu, this is an attack that destroys an entire city. Buu takes a huge breath and expands his body to a large size, then lets it out. The force with which it shoots out of his mouth is twice the force of the strongest hurricane and uproots office buildings.
Who can perform it:Fat Buu

219. Breath Niyoru Henka Beam Kaeshi "Breath Beam Return"-This attack is a strong gust of breath that blows a beam of energy back at the character who shot it.
Who can perform it:Old Buu

220. Bunkai Teleport "Break Up Teleport"-A very cool type of teleportation where a character breaks into pieces and reappears anyplace by reassembling. This is only used in the movies.
Who can perform it:Janenba

221. Bunshin-A technique where the user can sprout independently acting and thinking duplicates of themselves that fight alongside them. This is only used in the anime and movies.
Who can perform it:Piccolo, Kuririn and Metamucha

222. Bunshin no Jyutsu-A ninja technique used to make 4 completely independently thinking and acting duplicates of oneself.
Who can perform it:Murasaki

223. Bunseki "Analysis"-Artificial Human 15's ability to analyze every aspect of his opponent such as speed, power, strength etc. through Dr. Gero's Main Computer. This is obviously used only in Movie 7.
Who can perform it:Artificial Human 15

224. Bunretsu Kougeki-The ability to make continuous independently acting and thinking clones of oneself.
Who can perform it:Chyapa Chyai

225. Hell's Flash-This is considered Artificial Human 16's second strongest attack, (and his coolest). He heaves his opponent deep into the ground, then removes his hands and aims his arm cannons in the crater he created by smashing his victim into the ground. He then shouts the name of the attack, and lets a furious barrage of high powered energy blasts into the Earth. The beams of the attack actually fill up the hole in the earth and shoot up through the crust of the Earth, creating huge holes in the ground.
Who can perform it:Artificial Human 16

226. Henka Beam "Change Beam"-Buu's ability to change objects or people into any type of food, candy or subtance he desires. This beam is shot from his forelock.
Who can perform it:Fat Buu

227. Henge "Change"-The ability to shape-shift. Puurau can keep a shape as long as he can concentrate. Oolong can only hold a shape for 5 minutes, then he needs to rest 1 minute. After that he can change again.
Who can perform it:Oolong and Puuaru

228. Henkai Gatai-The ability of the three Pilaf Robots to join together to form one large Pilaf Robot, (think Power Rangers or Voltron).
Who can perform it:Pilaf Robot

229. Henshin Nouryoku-Creatures such as Freeza use this ability to change the shape of their body so that they can control the power they have inside of them.
Who can perform it:Freeza and Zarbon

230. Henshin no Tame ni Sanogi ni Naru-Kiyatapi's ability to metamorphosize into a creature of incredible power. The bad part is, the metamorphosis takes 1,200 years to complete. This was used in the anime only.
Who can perform it:Kiyatapi

231. Houtai Nage-The ability to of a mummy fighter to use their wrappings as a weapon or grappling hook.
Who can perform it:Miirakun

232. Hokaku Kon Dan "Imprisonment Ball"-Freeza's special attack where he captures his opponent in a ball of energy they can't break out of. As soon as the ball hits the ground, it explodes.
Who can perform it:Freeza

233. Hokaku Technique-Garlic Junior's ability to shrink his enemies and seal them in glass jars. This is only used in the anime.
Who can perform it:Garlic Jr.

234. Body Change-Ginyu's ability to switch bodies with anyone he wishes by shouting, "Change!". A beam then shoots out of his mouth, and must connect with the character's body that he wishes to take. If the beam connects successfully, he will have control over his target's body, and his target will be left in Ginyu's old body.
Who can perform it:Ginyu

235. Honoo-A fire breathing technique used by Darbura.
Who can perform it:Darbura

236. Honoo no Tama-A blast of fire Darbura can shoot from his hands.
Who can perform it:Darbura

237. Makkankosappo "Screw Beam of the Devil"-My favorite attack, and the very first one I saw. This is Piccolo's signature attack in DBZ. He raises the index and middle fingers of his right hand to his head, then charges up. When he first performed this attack, it took him 5 minutes to gather the energy for the attack. By the end of the series, he does the attack instantly. The beam itself resembles a screw. There is a straight beam, surrounded by a spiral of energy. When it was first used in DBZ, this was the most powerful attack of its time.
Who can perform it:Piccolo and Cell

238. Magnum Sundae-Yep, you guessed it, another one of Gotenks' dumb, but funny attacks.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

239. Makousen-A magic energy blast shot from the hand.
Who can perform it:Piccolo Daimaou and Piccolo

240. Magic Slime Hajyu-A magic slime that sticks to an opponent and crushes them to death. Fortunately, it's easy to break free of. This is only used in the anime.
Who can perform it:Babidi

240. Machine Gun-An arm mounted machine gun attack with seemingly unlimited ammo.
Who can perform it:Pirate Robot

241. Machine Gun Tsuki-A furious rapid punch assault used on an opponent when their back is against a wall.
Who can perform it:Tenshinhan

242. Masenkou "Devil Blast"-This is Gohan's first real attack. He uses it against Nappa, although it proves to be pretty useless. To perform the attack, he raises both of his hands above his head, gathers energy between them, and then shoots a blast at his opponent.
Who can perform it:Gohan and Piccolo *In the movies only, Trunks performed it alongside Gohan.*

243. Mafuba "Demon Incarcerator"-An attack used to seal enemies like Piccolo and Piccolo Daimaou in the Denshi Jar. The user must go through a series of movements, then fire a spiral beam at the enemy. The beam must hit the enemy, and the user must then guide the beam directly into the Denshi Jar. The downside of this attack is, once it's performed successfully, the user will die. This was first performed by Mutaito Sennin, Muten Roshi's teacher, in order to seal Piccolo Daimaou in the Denshi Jar.
Who can perform it:Kami, Muten Roshi, Tenshinhan and Mutaito Sennin

244. Mafuba Gaeshi "Demon Incarcerator Reflection"-An attack used to reflect the Mafuba beam back at the user, and hit them instead.
Who can perform it:Piccolo

245. Mini Gokou-A weird attack where the user creates a little clone of Gokou that mimics Gokou's moves. This is only used in DBZ Movie 12.
Who can perform it:Janenba

246. Mini Janenba-Another weird attack where Janenba can makes hundreds of little clones of himself.
Who can perform it:Janenba

247. Mirai o Yochi Tsuru Mabaroshi no Ken-An attack where the user must strike their opponent in the back of the neck, thus granting them the ability to see glimpses of their future. This was used only in the Bardock TV Special.
Who can perform it:Tooro

248. Miracle Super Punch-Yes....it has a stupid name. If you've been reading this list from start to finish you MUST know by now who performs this stupid and useless attack.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

249. Yuugou "Fusion"-This type of fusion lasts forever, and it can only be performed by Nameckians. One Nameck can fuse with another Nameck, giving the other Nameck his power and knowledge. The Nameck who will be the base of the combined character, (in other words, the character who will look the same after the process), places their hand on the other Nameckian's chest. The other Nameckian then joins with the base character. The resulting character will be no different from before, besides the fact that they will be more powerful, and have all of the other Nameckian's knowledge and memories.
Who can perform it:Piccolo, Nail and Kami *It's assumed that any Nameckian can use this technique.*

250. Yubitsuki-A one-touch-kill used by Tao Pai Pai. He simply pokes a weak character's forehead, and they will instantly die.
Who can perform it:Tao Pai Pai

251. Reekuumu Eraser Gun-This is the attack Reekuumu was going to use on Vegita to finish him off. He charges up, then shoots a huge blast from his mouth, (like Nappa's mouth blast on steroids). Unfortunately for Reekuumu, Kuririn slams him in the head, and shuts Reekuumu's mouth, causing the attack to blow out of his nose, (like laughing while drinking milk). Because of this, majority of Reekuumu's teeth get blown out.
Who can perform it:Reekuumu

252. Reekuumu Kick-A fast and powerful kick Reekuumu plants on his victim's face.
Who can perform it:Reekuumu

253. Reekuumu Maha Attack-This is Reekuumu's ultimate attack, which he unfortunately never gets to use because Gokou's elbow has a collision with his stomach while he's in the middle of the attack.
Who can perform it:Reekuumu

254. Yoini Min Min Ken "All Good Children Go To Bed Technique"-A weird chanting technique Jackie Chun uses to possess his opponent and make them go to sleep. It's impossible to get out of till Jackie awakens his opponent...or is it?
Who can perform it:Jackie Chun

255. Ryu Ken "Dragon Fist"-Any Street Fighter fans? This is arguably Gokou's ultimate physical attack. Unfortunately, it's only used in a movie and DB:GT, so it doesn't really count. Gokou rushes his opponent and raises his right fist. He shouts the words every person who's ever been to an arcade knows, "RYU KEN!". Then Gokou disappears and is replaced by a golden dragon. The dragon charges straight through the target's stomach, then coils itself around the victim. While this is going on, more sections of the dragon shoot up from the ground and wrap around the now reeling victim. Then the dragon constricts, and completely annihilates the target in a bright flash of light. When the attack is finished, the dragon is gone. This especially cool attack has to be seen to be believed.
Who can perform it:Son Gokou

256. Ring Jyou no Energy Ball-This attack is used in the anime only, and it's sort of cool. When Vegita and Gokou are fighting each other for the last time, Vegita bashes Gokou against a rock wall and knocks him dizzy. He then shoots out five rings of energy that chain his wrists, feet and neck to the rock wall. He then sentences Gokou, "TO DEATH! BY DISMEMBERMENT!".
Who can perform it:Vegita

257. Renzoku Shine Shine Missile "Continuous Die Die Missile"-One of Gotenks' semi-useful techniques. He shoots a barrage of energy "missiles" at Buu. Unfortunately Gotenks gets carried away with the attack, and Piccolo has to point out that Buu dodged the attack and is right behind him. He also uses this move DBZ Movie 13, and it's highly effective.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

258. Continuous Super Donuts-A useful attack performed by Gotenks where he shoots out a series of energy "donuts" that surround his opponent, and seal them in a ball shape.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

259. Rouga Fufu Ken-This is Yamucha's signature attack in Dragon Ball. He crouches, and takes a stance then rushes his opponent and attack them with, "The speed and power of a wolf.".
Who can perform it:Yamucha

260. Shin Rouga Fufu Ken-Same as above, just faster and more powerful.
Who can perform it:Yamucha

261. Rolling Attack Satan Punch-A "very powerful" attack used by the World Champion, Mr. Satan. He rolls a few times, then ends with a, "crushing", punch.....yeah...sure. Actually, by the time Mr. Satan finishes saying the name of the attack, his opponent is already gone.
Who can perform it:Mr. Satan

262. Rolling Thunder Punch-Does it have a ridiculous name? Yep. You guessed it, this is yet another one of Gotenks' attacks he uses on Buu in the Room of Spirit and Time.
Who can perform it:Gotenks

263. Rocket Punch-A nifty attack performed by some Artificial Humans. They point their arm at an opponent, then fire it off at them like a rocket. While it's not very strong, it's a surprising technique.
Who can perform it:Artificial Human 16 and Metallic Gunsou

Thank you!