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The goku family bios

These are the bios of goku,gohan,goten,and grandpa gohan

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The main character of Dbz, Gt, Goku originally was sent to Earth to clear it off for purchase. The memory of his mission was lost when he fell off a cliff. After that, he became a loving child and courageous person. Compared to all the other characters, he has the most abilities and strength. He marries Chichi and has two sons, Gohan and Goten. Throughout the DBz series, Goku undergoes three Super Saiyan transformations: in the Frieza fight after Krillin was killed, after the cell fight, and the ssj3 transformation was in the afterlife. In dragonball gt, goku is transformed into a kid again, by the black star dragonballs, and reaches the final, and true form: ssj4. Whether Goku ever died is unknown, since it appeared that in the final episode of DBGT, he merged with Shenron.

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this is not a actual gif of grandpa gohan but i didnt have one!! but o well!!! GRANDPA GOHAN !!!!!

Kindly old man, Grandpa Gohan found Goku in the Saiyan pod and took him in as his own grandson. At first, Gohan was having trouble keeping Goku under control, but after accidently dropping him off a cliff, Goku became a loving grandson. Teaching Goku the art of kempo, he was able to awaken some of the power that was within him. Unaware of Goku's transformation when seeing a full moon, Gohan was crushed when Goku transformed. He does return later in the dragon Ball series when Goku went to see Uranai Baba, using his only day back on Earth to see his grandson.

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The son of Goku, Gohan excelled in both fighting and studying. After the battle with Radditz, he is taken by Piccolo to train for the arrival of the other Saiyans. His innocence changed Piccolo from a demon into a good and courageous person. Gohan's power comes from anger-basically , the angrier he is the stronger he is. The first to transform into SSJ2, Gohan was able to defeat cell. After defeating Cell, he stopped training to study and attend high school. When Buu appeared, he was once again forced to battle.

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Second son of Goku, Goten was conceived a little before the cell game. Goten has amazing power for a 6 year-old in that he can already transform into a Super Sayian, something that surprised and even made gohan a little angry since it took him a long time to master it. He and Trunks are best friends, probably because they are the only ones that can play together and not hurt each other.When Buu is resurrected, and Vegeta and Gohan fail to beat him, Goten is the world's last hope, as he tries to master the fusion technique with trunks. In DBGT he becomes more of a ladies man, constantly worrying about dates and never focusing on training